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When you sit down, a seat cushion helps support the pelvic region and improve your posture. It will be simpler for you to maintain a good sitting position if you elevate your hips while you sit. In addition, having good posture has its own set of health advantages, including a lower risk of developing chronic pain and an increase in the body’s capacity for concentration and energy. Naturally, having good posture will also make you appear more appealing and self-assured.

Smoother blood circulation

Sitting on hard surfaces can put pressure on the pelvis, legs, and back, which can impede blood flow and prevent the muscles and tissues from receiving the proper amount of oxygen. The feet will consequently tingle readily. 


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About foot cushion and the benefits

  • Stay grounded: Can’t make your legs reach the ground due to unnecessarily high office chairs? No more painful stretching & straining with our under desk adjustable foot rest! Featuring dimensions 16.5″ x 12″ x 4″, the footrest for under desk can be further elevated to the additional height of 1.5” for increased comfort. follow nuumi.
  • Premium quality assurance: Unlike most footrest stool available in the market, our first-rate memory foam under desk footrest maintains its shape & form all day long. The steadfast, non-slip base keeps the foot pillow in place for as long as it’s being used.
  • Keep stress & discomfort at bay with Nuumi foot rest: Feeling achy after a long day of work? Elevate your physical health & overall well-being with our ergonomic foot rest pillow! Give your back, knees and legs the sweet relief of comfort! Use our desk foot rest for sustained hours of focus & productivity!
  • Perfect travel partner on the go: The ergonomic foot rest under desk comes with a lightweight carry handle, making it easy to carry around. Use the under desk footrest under the desk, on the sofa or bed for excellent neck, lumbar and knee support. nuu-mi helps to relief the problem. 
  • Buy with confidence: Maintaining high-quality standards, the first-grade desk foot stool is designed to offer maximum support and comfort to the customers. We offer a 100%, no-questions-asked guarantee for a completely risk-free purchase! in nuu-mi store the back pain relief products are available.
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About Back pain
"Stand upright." That's ageless exhortation we've likely undeniably heard at some time. It merits paying attention to. Great stance means a lot to adjust: by standing upright, you focus your weight over your feet. This likewise assists you with keeping up with right structure while working out, which brings about less wounds and more prominent additions. Furthermore, chipping away at equilibrium could actually reinforce your capacities in tennis, golf, running, moving, skiing — and pretty much some other game or action. Not a competitor? It actually pays to have great equilibrium. Simply strolling across the floor or down the block requires great equilibrium. So do ascending from a seat, going all over steps, carrying bundles, and in any event, going to look behind you. Unfortunate stance isn't really a persistent vice, all things considered. Actual explanations behind unfortunate stance include: Resolute muscles that diminishing scope of movement (how far a joint can move toward any path). For instance, excessively close, abbreviated hip muscles pull your chest area forward and disturb your stance. Excessively close chest muscles can pull your shoulders forward. Muscle strength influences balance in various ways. The "center muscles" of the back, side, pelvis, and posterior structure a durable focal connection between your upper and lower body. Feeble center muscles energize drooping, which tips your body forward and accordingly shaky. Solid lower leg muscles likewise assist with keeping you consistent while standing.
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